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EALTH.ORG is considered as stakeholders by EU commission, this is the reason we have been asked to participate to a workshop. The Safety Features project will take into account depositories as point of connection for serialization under delegation and mostly linked to return management.


EALTH roundtable was a success due the level of the speakers. Meeting with members was the opportunity to update and discuss especially on GDP deployment.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Project of Treaty in negotiation is presented to the EALTH members, the target is to develop trade and investment policy between Europe and USA. So harmonization is the driver to facilitate the realization of a new market. A positive list is issued for the concerned products, Pharma product are part of this list. About GDP harmonization, EALTH.ORG is waiting for Industry position.

14th november 2011 : creation of Ealth

In a move to represent the Pharmaceutical Logistics Service Providers at the European level, the representatives of 8 major European companies.

Press release 14th november 2011

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