Mission Statement

Each member company is represented by their respective logistics professionals who are both experienced and respective of the unique requirements for the pharmaceutical industry.

We are pre-wholesalers, service providers, distribution networks, and dedicated transport specialists. We created EALTH to :

  • Provide logistics & transport companies which are dedicated to and have stake in the professional high-quality distribution of the pharmaceutical & healthcare products a voice to communicate to the E.U. and international institutions alongside other established stakeholders.
  • Differentiate our members as professional logistic and transport services providers in accordance with local and international laws, guidelines and established industry procedures.
  • Identify areas for improvement and propose solutions, define guidelines and help enact certifications through relevant European and national bodies.
  • Work to improve the interest of patient safety and ensure product quality.

Contact info

European Association for Logistics and Transportation in Healthcare

Garocentre Sud
Chemin de la Reconversion 19
B-7110 Houdeng-Goegnies
Mail : contact@ealth.org

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